What Do You Need from Your Party Rental Company in New Jersey?

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So you’re planning a party—congratulations! It’s going to be a blast, especially if you rent the right chairs and tables for the occasion, and have a little knowledge about the process ahead of time. But how many chairs do you need, and what kind of tables? How do you even get started? Read on to find out what’s best for your event.

Focus first on quality

Before you even get into the actual rental items, make sure you’ve done your homework. The main difference between most companies isn’t the price—it’s the caliber of their products. You may find two companies offering close to the same options, but one party rental company in New Jersey may have far inferior options than the other. Remember: you don’t want Aunt Paula to fall if a bad hinge on her chair gives out! Furthermore, many companies do not properly clean their tables and chairs, or leave unsightly stains on them. Do some research, and look for companies with a stellar reputation and many favorable customer reviews. It will serve you well when the big day arrives.

Think about the numbers

The next step is to decide how many tables and chairs you will need. Chairs are probably pretty simple: if you have 30 guests, make sure you have at least 30 chairs to accommodate them. Next, consider the type of tables you like most. There are many options, from long rectangular tables to small round tables. Some tables seat as few as four people, while others may seat 12. Find the number of tables that works for your group, so that the seating is evenly distributed in the style you prefer.

Consider the interactions

Think about how you’d like people to be able to visit with each other. For example, if you set out four or five very long tables, your guests may need to get up to visit their friends at the other side of the room, or even a few chairs down. This might be good if you have guests who like to interact with people they know well. When you can seat them close together, they’ll feel most comfortable. If, on the other hand, you want people to be able to hold larger conversations, consider a large round table, where everyone can see each other easily. They will still need to get up to visit other friends or family, but that’s the fun of a party—the mingling!

Consider delivery

If you work with a good party rental company in New Jersey, they will be flexible about delivery and pickup to the fullest extent possible, and help you consolidate your order so it can be delivered in as few trips as necessary. When pickup time comes, a good company will be there on time so you don’t have to wait around for a truck after your fun event is over.

Remember: a great party rental company in New Jersey will help you make decisions about tables, chairs and other party necessities, and will be available to help out during the planning, setup and cleanup. Get in touch with Above All Party Rentals today to learn more about what we can offer.

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