Make Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner Easier with Table and Chair Rentals in New Jersey

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Hosting Thanksgiving dinner isn’t easy. No matter how much planning you’ve done, it always seems like you’re still running around like a chicken (or turkey) with its head cut off at the 11th hour trying to get everything done before guests arrive. Most of the preparation probably comes from trying to get all of the food ready on time. Another big part is getting the house clean and looking acceptable for hosting friends and family.

One of the other huge challenges is trying to figure out where to seat everyone for dinner. If you have a small family, placing everyone at one table isn’t a hard task. However, if you have a large family and are expecting a lot of guests, it’s tough to find a place for everyone to sit at the table. Sure, you could borrow tables and chairs for the dinner, but finding matching sets of chairs and tables to go along with them can be impossible. Instead of borrowing furniture, consider table and chair rentals in New Jersey this Thanksgiving. Here are a few reasons to rent furniture for the big day, instead of borrowing it:

  • Make your guests happy: Sitting at the kids’ table as a child wasn’t a big deal, but it’s a different story if you’re an adult who gets relegated to the kids’ table because the grown-up table is full. Sitting with the children can be rather embarrassing, and you’ll miss out on all of the interesting conversations the other adults are having. As the host, you can avoid making any of your friends or family members feel awkward by renting tables and chairs to accommodate everyone at the big table (or two).
  • Take the hassle out of planning for seating: Not being able to seat everyone at the same table can annoy your guests and also make planning the seating arrangements a real nightmare. You probably want spouses and friends to sit together, and for feuding family members to be able sit away from each other. That’s easier said than done if you have a small table that has to seat everyone. Renting another table (or a huge table) will ensure an easy seat-planning process.
  • Look nice: We have an array of different styles of chairs and tables to match any home or venue. If your house is a bit on the small side, that’s no problem! We rent tables in all different sizes to meet anyone’s needs. In addition to choosing the size and style of your table and chairs, we offer many different colors of linens to go along with whatever color scheme you’re looking for.

We can’t guarantee that the turkey will be cooked perfectly or that your home will be spotless, but we know that taking advantage of table and chair rentals in New Jersey can take some of the stress out of planning Thanksgiving dinner. Call Above All Party Rentals to reserve your tables and chairs today. We look forward to helping you enjoy your holiday!

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