Heated Tent Rentals in New Jersey Bring a Unique and Cozy Touch to Winter Parties

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Are you planning a winter birthday party or other type of celebration to be held during the winter season? If so, when it comes to thinking about where to hold your event, you’ve probably envisioned an indoor location. But why not try something new and arrange for heated tent rentals in New Jersey for your party?

Learn what types of parties you could consider hosting inside a heated tent this winter, and why the experience will be a unique one that’s sure to be remembered by both you and your guests:

  • Welcome 2017 party: Many people may have spent December attending multiple holiday parties that quickly began to blur together, so if you’re interested in throwing a New Year’s party, why not wait until after the new year? Your event will stand out from the rest, and holding an outside party in January is no problem at all when you arrange for a heated tent rental! At Above All Party Rentals, we offer tent sides designed to block the cool air from distracting your guests. With the addition of a heater that you can also rent from us, your party location instantly becomes a warm and cozy spot to usher in the new year.
  • Valentine’s Day party: If you’ve been wanting to throw a party outdoors this year but assumed you’d have to wait until the warm weather returns to do it, why wait? Arrange for a heated tent rental and bring all of your favorite people together even sooner! With some music, delicious food and wonderful company, your Valentine’s Day party is sure to be different than the same-old, same-old get-together that people might be expecting.
  • Birthday party: If you enjoy throwing a birthday party for yourself or a loved one with a winter birthday, you’re probably accustomed to holding it inside your house or at another indoor location such as a restaurant or bar. Consider moving beyond the ordinary by holding a winter birthday bash inside a heated tent. Guests will quickly forget the cold weather outside while enjoying all of the extra space to celebrate the special occasion. And who knows? You might start a trend among your friends and family for future events!
  • Anniversary or engagement party: If you’re throwing an anniversary or engagement party, you might have a fairly lengthy guest list because you’d like to invite lots of loved ones who play a meaningful role in the lives of the couple you’re celebrating. But having a long guest list can limit your party location options. A great solution is to hold your party inside a tent. Plus, renting a heater for the tent means that you don’t have to wait until spring or summer to hold an outdoor anniversary or engagement party. Your guests will have plenty of room to mingle and celebrate the special couple in this unique and comfortable setting.

Ready to bring indoor comfort outside and arrange for heated tent rentals in New Jersey this winter? Above All Party Rentals offers top-of-the-line rentals for tents, tables, linens, lighting and beyond. We deliver, install and take down all equipment after your event. Contact us today to get started on planning a memorable and fun winter party!

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