Safety Tips for Dunk Tank Rentals in New Jersey

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If you’ve ever been to a fundraiser, carnival or other event that features a dunk tank as part of the festivities, you likely know how fun they can be. But before you head off to your next party that includes a dunk tank—or before you arrange for dunk tank rentals in New Jersey—it’s important to be familiar with safety tips designed to help make the dunk tank experience for you and other guests and participants as smooth as possible.

Setting up the dunk tank

Fill the dunk tank to the top with potable water so that a person will not hit the bottom of the tank after being dunked. Water should be about 6-8 inches from the top of the tank.

Ensure that the dunk tank’s protective screen is set up correctly before use. After setting up the dunk tank, be sure to examine it carefully for any potential damage or hazards, such as an uneven frame or bolts or screws that require tightening. Testing out the equipment before the event begins is recommended.

Safety tips for those being dunked…

The person who is being dunked should be familiar with how the dunk tank seat works before being dunked for the first time. This includes practicing how to reset the seat after being dunked. They should sit on the seat facing toward the front and place their hands on their knees.

After being dunked, the person should avoid bringing their head near the seat. Any potential volunteers for the dunk tank who are unable to swim should not sit in the dunk tank seat. Children should also not be dunked.

Anyone who is being dunked should wear water shoes or non-slip tennis shoes.

…and for those doing the dunking

Only use the balls that come with the rental dunk tank to hit the trigger. Don’t hit or otherwise touch the trigger with your hand. Refrain from throwing any objects, especially sharp ones, into the dunk tank.

Children or intoxicated guests near the dunk tank should be carefully supervised.

Other dunk tank safety tips

  • Keep the space by the dunk tank ladder clear at all times to allow for someone else to enter the tank if an injury or accident occurs.
  • Do not use a dunk tank in inclement weather.
  • Any electrical devices or equipment should be kept away from the dunk tank and its draining area.

Now that you’re familiar with some good safety-related best practices to observe when participating in an event with a dunk tank, you’re ready to have a great time at your party, carnival or fundraiser! If you’d like to make arrangements for dunk tank rentals in New Jersey, contact the knowledgeable team at Above All Party Rentals. Our professional staff is proud to offer our customers the newest, cleanest and most attractive equipment available.

We will gladly travel to your party or event location to take measurements and to offer an estimated rental cost, and we deliver and install all of our rental equipment. After your event, you can count on us to return to professionally take down the equipment. We look forward to working with you on your plans for a terrific event!

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