Five Must-Have Party Rentals in New Jersey for a Successful St. Patrick’s Day Bash!

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It’s not shocking that adults of drinking age tend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a few spirited beverages. In fact, you might have decided to throw a party this year. As with any type of party, you need to plan and prepare. However, there is one aspect of partying that makes the St. Patrick’s Day holiday in the United States stand out from the rest: it can easily turn into an all-day affair. If this might turn out to be the case with your celebration, then there are some important party products and fixtures that you’ll no doubt thank yourself later for renting.

To help you kick off your party planning, here are five important, yet not always considered, party rentals in New Jersey to ensure a successful St. Patrick’s Day bash:

  • Dance floors: Face it: your St. Paddy’s Day celebration is not official until dancing commences. But dancing outside can be hard on your feet and knees—especially if you’re dancing on wet winter grass. Avoid the damp grass and muddy ground by renting a solid dance floor or two to make the night a memorable one.
  • Trashcans: Here’s a party rental product you might not have thought of: strong, sturdy, tall and clearly labeled garbage cans to place around the party area. It’s good to have a plan in place to make sure the trashcans are never overflowing with garbage. Of course there will be drinking, so also plan on renting a few recycling bins for guests to dispose of their empty cans and bottles.
  • Restrooms: One the worst things that can happen during your St. Patrick’s Day bash is directly related to the bathroom situation. For starters, a lack of toilets and bathroom sinks to accommodate all your guests is not uncommon. Unfortunately, this can lead to plumbing issues—and what party host wants to deal with a toilet clog in the middle of their party? To keep things flowing properly, consider renting portable restrooms for the day.
  • Heating elements: Although St. Patrick’s Day is in March, many parts of the United States will still be experiencing chilly weather. When the sun goes down, be prepared to warm your partygoers with rented heating elements. These include patio heat lamps, hanging heaters and gas fire pits.
  • Concessions supplies: Food and drinks are a definite must for your party. But don’t rely on a potluck style party to get everyone through the night. Besides, it would be difficult to serve a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage in a no-dining setting (although you could certainly try). For something fun and nostalgic, get your hands on a few concession rentals—like a cotton candy machine, hot dog oven, pizza display, snow cone maker and nacho stand.

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so don’t wait too long to reserve all your needed party supplies, fixtures and equipment! Get all the party rentals in New Jersey you can imagine at Above All Party Rentals. Please do not hesitate to contact us—we are happy to help!

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