Get Everything for Your Cinco de Mayo Celebration from a Party Rental Company in New Jersey

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Hosting a Cinco de Mayo party can either mean extending a simple shout out for friends to come over at a certain time or involve some hardcore planning in the weeks prior to the event. If your party planning style is the latter, then it’s good to know that there are a few things you can do to streamline the process. First, a big Cinco de Mayo event with guests of various ages will benefit from having a selection of party rental items, such as a bar for the adults, a bounce house for the kids and plenty of seating for all.

Planning an event of any size can get overwhelming. For a one-stop party shop, get everything you’ll need for your Cinco de Mayo celebration from a reputable party rental company in New Jersey—like Above All Party Rentals! Here’s a range of party rental products and services our company offers:

  • Event planning: If you decided to host a Cinco de Mayo party but already have too much on your plate, the first thing you may want to consider is hiring an event planner. Professional party planners are experienced in turning a client’s vision into a reality to ensure a most enjoyable and memorable event. So, from the initial planning phase to picking out the right rental supplies and setting up party rental fixtures, let expert event planners lead the way.
  • Tents: Many party hosts are surprised to learn they have more than one option for party tent rentals. However, since party rental companies know that renting tents is not something most people do very frequently, a planner or company can recommend the best tents for your specific event. Tents are especially helpful should your Cinco de Mayo party take place during a time of crazy spring weather—they can protect your guests and seating from the elements.
  • Bounce houses: Adults are likely not the only ones attending your party. While the adults are chatting up a storm under a tent, drinks in hand, the younger guests are going to want something fun to do as well. Why not reserve a bounce house or two to set up on the lawn? Contact a party rental company in New Jersey for bouncy house options.
  • Dunk tanks: What’s better than getting the chance to drop your significant other, best friend or sibling into a tank of water for fun? When your Cinco de Mayo party starts heating up, it’s time to get drenched in a fully functional dunk tank!
  • Party products: Experienced party rental companies will have a selection of miscellaneous party products to cover your every need. Do you need chairs and tables? What if you also need a portable dance floor for using under the tent? Restroom accommodations? We’ve got you covered!

If you want the convenience of utilizing a single party rental company in New Jersey to plan your Cinco de Mayo celebration, then the organized staff at Above All Party Rentals is the team for you. Contact us today for more information about our party products, services and more!

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