Excellent Reasons to Use Hexagon Tent Rentals in New Jersey for Your Outdoor Event This Winter

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Renting event tents can make all the difference between a successful party and one that’s a bust. This is especially true when your event is being held outside during a typical winter day, as your guests may need to seek shelter from drizzly or chilly weather, or they may want to sit at a table out of the wind. Therefore, a major key to hosting a successful special event outdoors is to make sure your guests are comfortable.

All in all, there are some good reasons you should take advantage of hexagon tent rentals in New Jersey for your outdoor winter events, which will be covered shortly. But first, let’s look at a brief overview of hexagon tents.

What is a hexagon tent?

With its unique shape and sturdy frame, a hexagon party tent is perfect for larger events that are scheduled to take place outdoors, such as wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, fundraisers, company award luncheons and family reunions. Their six-sided frame structure allows them to look and function great on their own, or you can take advantage of their flexible design by combining a few hexagon tents in a side-by-side fashion.

Here are some reasons to consider renting a tent for your event:

  • To provide cover: The winter months can be a guessing game of “will it rain today?” The weather forecast says it won’t, but the clouds tell a different story. When you have event tents set up, you know for a fact that event attendees will have a covered area to get away from surprise rain, snow or hail. Being prepared means you and your guests will stay dry from head to toe.
  • To keep everyone warm: Not only are hexagon tent rentals in New Jersey fantastic structures for overhead cover from rain, they can also keep guests warm from all sides. If your event falls sometime in the winter, make sure the tent rental company offers attachable tent sides. This ensures that everyone will have an enjoyable outdoor event experience, even if freezing winds decide to crash the party.
  • Avoid muddy areas: There are all sorts of problems associated with muddy and grassy areas, including high heels sinking into the soil, hindered wheelchair mobility and mud dirtying up nice clothing. Avoid these issues and more with event tent rentals—with or without ground sheets or portable dance floors. Additionally, another option is to set up the tent before the wet weather has a chance to moisten the ground under it.
  • Section off the event: Although you’re set up outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t create separate areas for your wintertime event. This is a particularly fantastic idea for weddings that require private bride and groom staging areas, and it’s also convenient for big birthday parties, because setting up separate sections for adults and kids is made easy when using rented tents and tent sides.

If you are looking for certain size or style tent rentals in New Jersey, you can rest assured that Above All Party Rentals has what you need. Call us for more information about our quality party rentals or to get a quote today.

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