Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire Bar Mitzvah Event Planners in New Jersey

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We think you would agree that a Bar Mitzvah is not only a significant event for the child, but for their family as well. It is supposed to be a very special, once-in-a-lifetime event, but with so many moving parts involved in the planning process, it can be difficult to pull off without running into problems. Many parents want to tackle the preparation and planning all by themselves, but this can lead to conflicts, unnecessary costs and distraction from the significance of the day. That is why hiring an event planner could be the answer that keeps costs low and allows Bar Mitzvah parents to actually enjoy their child’s special day.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some reasons why it’s a good idea to hire professional Bar Mitzvah event planners in New Jersey.


It’s easy to go over budget when planning any event, but it’s especially easy when the event is so important to your family. People are often caught between going all out and picking and choosing between wants and needs. With an event planning expert, you can outline your priorities, choose a style and sit back knowing they have your budget in mind. Many professional planners have packages pre-arranged to make the tough decisions a little easier.


One thing that is essential with any major life event is its flow. From the time your guests arrive to the time they leave, they will expect their hosts to be organized and attentive. While this may seem simple to outline on paper, even the best-laid plans can go sideways when guests start to arrive. A professional can help facilitate and enforce the schedule and make a valiant effort to get your guests where they should be, and when they should be there.


The experienced professional will be able to use their contacts to your advantage. Anyone experienced in the Bat and Bar Mitzvah planning area will know who is worth hiring and who is worth ignoring. Chances are, they will also be able to use their business as a tool to get you lower prices, better service and those special add-ons you didn’t expect because they know the ropes. When it comes to experience, go with a pro. You’ll be glad you did!

Where rubber meets the road

If nothing else on this list has convinced you, think about the day of the event and the challenge of coordinating guests, catering, photographers and what needs to happen next. Even the most organized parents will have hiccups when it comes to pulling things off. A professional can mean the difference between preserving your sanity and experiencing a complete meltdown.

There are many events that can benefit from the assistance of event planners in New Jersey, and your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah is no exception, as it’s an especially rewarding time for the young person who’s coming of age. To ensure that you are hiring the most professional and courteous event planner in town, give a call to the team at Above All Party Rentals!

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