Consider Party Rentals in New Jersey for Your Easter Party!

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Celebrating Easter with a party and kids’ activities is the perfect way to welcome spring! Party rentals in New Jersey are the most cost effective way to throw a memorable celebration, since many items you need will only be used once. Above All Party Rentals provides items and equipment while also offering delivery and pickup service. This makes your life easier so you can enjoy your event. Here are five items to consider renting from us this Easter:

  • Tent: Renting a tent keeps you prepared for any weather developments. Whether you are designing an Easter party for a church event, private gathering or company function, no one wants to be without shade in glaring sun or shelter from a sudden spring rainstorm. We offer many tent sizes to fit your space so guests will always have a place to escape the elements. You can choose one large tent or even a couple of smaller ones. If you require extra help, we will even visit your site and take measurements to assure you have the right size!
  • Bounce houses: Kids need a place to burn off energy after they eat all the candy in their Easter baskets. If your party is more geared toward casual clothing than traditional Easter formal wear, provide a bounce house to add a new activity to this spring celebration. Many churches have multiple egg hunts based on age groups, so this gives kids something to do until their turn comes up to find eggs!
  • Chairs, tables and linens: Most individuals do not own enough tables and chairs to hold a big party. Churches are also limited in this department, and it is doubtful a private company keeps this much in storage—unless you are in the party rental business like us! Renting chairs and tables means never buying extras that you must store for most of the year. Include linens on your rental list, too. Since we pick up, deliver and clean all our equipment after use, renting also reduces the after-party work burdens, including washing table linens.
  • Heaters: Spring is nice, but unpredictable. Easter Sunday may be beautiful, or it may be cool with a torrential downpour. Renting a tent provides protection, but you may still have people feeling cold in their nice Easter wear. Add propane heaters to your rentals so your tent is not only dry, but warm, too. While your party may be memorable, it will not be because your guests were miserable!
  • Trashcans: You likely want to control litter, and that is impossible when there are not enough trashcans. People generally will clean up after themselves well if they are given the means to do so. Trashcans and recycling bins make this easier for all your guests, and you will enjoy a cleaner site—and less site cleanup after the party ends.

Above All Party Rentals is prepared to equip your Easter party with high quality party rentals in New Jersey. Call us today to start planning your event and secure the equipment you need!

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