Why Heated Tent Rentals in New Jersey Are a Great Idea for Your Halloween Party

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Halloween is almost here! Maybe you throw a party to celebrate every year, or maybe you’ve never thrown one but have decided this is the year to start. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or new Halloween party host, you likely know that the first step in party planning is deciding on a venue.


Your immediate thought might be to host the party in your home, perhaps in your living room. But why not mix it up and arrange for heated tent rentals in New Jersey? Here are a few reasons why a heated tent may just be the perfect venue for your Halloween party:

  • They are as comfortable as being indoors: The fall weather might be turning crisp, but a heated tent with siding will provide a party location that is as comfortable as being indoors. If you’re having trouble visualizing the image, think of the heated tent you would rent as an extension to your home. Since the space will be heated, you and your guests can shed your jackets and show off your amazing costumes!
  • They may allow for more guests: Depending on the size of the heated tent you rent, the tent may well be bigger than the room in your house where you would normally host your Halloween party. That allows for a more dynamic party in more than one respect. You can increase the number of invitees and will also have more space to add some fun touches. Maybe a games area for the kids or a designated space for those who want to dance? With more space at your disposal, how you use it is up to you!
  • They may appeal more to some of your guests: If you have friends who feel a bit anxious when they’re around lots of people in a small, enclosed space—or if you experience this yourself—a heated tent might be a welcome change. Guests can mingle in different spots in the tent because there will be plenty of room for everyone to spread out. This could help to bring a sense of comfort to friends or family members who might prefer not to spend extended amounts of time in crowded spaces.
  • They will help make your party memorable: Many of your guests may never have attended a party or function in a heated tent, or if they have, it probably wasn’t any time recently. This new concept may have your attendees talking about your great party for days and weeks to come—that’s a sure sign of a memorable party! And if your guests decide to hold their own upcoming parties in a heated tent, you can enjoy the benefits of the unique location without doing the heavy lifting of party planning.

Halloween is fast approaching, so don’t put off arranging for tent rentals in New Jersey for your big event. Above All Party Rentals provides high-quality equipment rentals for tents, tables, linens, bounce houses, lighting, tent siding, dunk tanks, concessions machines and more! We can even come to your property ahead of your event to take measurements and offer a cost estimate. Get your party started by calling Above All Party Rentals today!

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