Tips for Successful St. Patrick’s Day Event Planning in New Jersey

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One of the most popular holidays for parties and gatherings of all sizes is St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday, which originated in Ireland, has made waves in American culture and has inspired a variety of traditions. From corned beef and cabbage dinners to vibrant green outfits, there are many different ways that people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Whether you have been hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Party for years or you are planning a party on this holiday gathering for the first time, it’s best to get started early when it comes to event planning in New Jersey.

In order to ensure that your guests are buzzing about your party for months to come, there are a few key instructions you should follow. The right planning process goes a long way to ensuring that your party goes off without a hitch:

  • Find a space: You will need to find a venue that is suitable for your party. A small get-together can be hosted in your house or apartment, but you might consider a larger venue if you want to invite a lot of guests. Make sure you have a venue nailed down well in advance, since this will dictate a lot of other aspects of the party planning process.
  • Make invitations: Once you know where your party will be held, you can begin inviting your guests. Put your guest list together and make sure that you have contact information for everyone who will be invited. Since people often aren’t able to make it to events for various reasons, you can likely invite around 20 percent more people than you can comfortably accommodate to ensure that you have plenty of guests in attendance.
  • Consider decorations: Decorating your party is one of the best parts of event planning in New Jersey. For St. Patrick’s Day, green is an obvious choice for linens, lighting and floral arrangements. You can get creative with your décor to really wow your guests.
  • Plan your menu: Food is an essential element of planning St. Patrick’s Day parties, so make sure you invest plenty of time into planning your menu. It can be a fun play on the St. Patrick’s Day theme to serve a golden dish like baked macaroni and cheese or scalloped potatoes in a large black serving bowl as a “pot of gold” for your food table.
  • Coordinate activities and entertainment: Having St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities is a great way to entertain guests. Try a shamrock shuffle where guests race for fun prizes. You can also hire a band or coordinate a playlist with Irish-themed music to really set the tone for your party.

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