Tips for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo, which literally translates to the Fifth of May, is a springtime celebration of Mexican-American heritage and culture. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the infamous 1862 Battle of Puebla, which saw the Mexican army claim victory over the occupying French forces.

In Mexico today, Cinco de Mayo is a largely ceremonial event. In the United States, however, the Mexican-American community uses the holiday as an opportunity to celebrate a rich culture and cuisine that resulted from the interaction of dozens of cultures over a period of several centuries.

Whether or not you boast Mexican heritage, Cinco de Mayo can be an excellent day of the year to throw a party. Working with company specializing in party rentals in New Jersey is a great way to ensure that the fun continues to flow on throughout the evening.

It’s always important to keep your Cinco de Mayo party culturally sensitive. You should honor Mexican-American culture, not parody it. If you are planning on hosting a Cinco de Mayo celebration this year, here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the planning process:

  • Keep it creative: Your party should transport your attendees to another world. The decorations will ultimately determine whether or not you’re successful at that endeavor. You should consult with a company that offers party rentals in New Jersey to learn about all of the decorating supplies you may want to take advantage of.
  • Have a variety of cocktails: While Cinco de Mayo may indeed be synonymous with the margarita, you should have a variety of cocktails on hand at your party. Try experimenting by incorporating Mexican liquors into classic cocktails. Mezcal mules, for instance, can be delicious additions to your drink table.
  • Prepare ahead of time: You should prepare your space, the drinks and the food well in advance. There’s no point in hosting a party if you can’t enjoy it. With effective planning, however, you can ensure that you are available to enjoy the entirety of your Cinco de Mayo extravaganza.
  • Check your lighting: Lighting is another aspect of decorations that can make or break a party. You should ensure that you have a good mix of lighting in your party space. For instance, you may want to brightly illuminate the center of the room, but leave more dimly lit intimate areas away from the rest of the action for casual conversations.

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