How Party Rentals in New Jersey Can Benefit Your Family’s Big Easter Party

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Lots of families have some fun Easter traditions that extend beyond the religious significance of the holiday. Between big family gatherings, dinners, egg hunts and more, there’s a lot about this springtime holiday that gets kids and adults alike excited and ready for the spring and summer weather ahead.

Above All Party Rentals provides party rentals in New Jersey for all kinds of parties and events, including any big Easter gathering you might be planning for your family and friends this year. We’ve got just a few ideas and tips for you to keep in mind as you plan out this celebration.

Always make time for tradition

As we mentioned, there are lots of fun traditions associated with Eastertime that are enjoyable for the entire family. See if you can figure out a way to work those traditions into your big gathering. For example, many people color and dye hard boiled eggs around Easter—some people go for simple solid colors, while others go for extremely intricate and beautiful pieces of art. Why not find a way to work this into your gathering? It doesn’t need to be (and probably shouldn’t be) the focal point of your event, but it makes for a great activity to add into your festivities.

Another common example of an Eastertime tradition is an egg hunt. Is there anything about the holiday that gets kids more excited than searching for eggs filled with candy? Include this in your party, and add on a spin to the hunt if you wish. You don’t even need to just hide those eggs around your house—you can use party rental supplies to create brand new places to hide them that the kids in your family will never see coming!

Plan some light, happy entertainment

The pastel colors and cheery anticipation of spring are characteristic of the Easter season, so any entertainment you add should be equally light and sweet. Easter is, of course, associated heavily with candy, so why not rent a cotton candy machine? Even the colors will fit perfectly!

Consider also the kind of music that you’ll play at the party. You’ll want something upbeat and family friendly that people of all ages can enjoy.

You might even consider renting a bouncy house or castle—this will really get your kids excited for the day!

Rent out furniture

Worried you don’t have enough tables or chairs at your home to fit all your guests? No worries—a party rental company can provide you with all the tables and chairs you need, even if you’re not renting a tent! This will ensure you can fit your entire extended family in according to your plans.

These are just a few ideas to consider as you finish your planning for your upcoming Easter party. Interested in learning more about our party rentals in New Jersey? Contact Above All Party Rentals today and we’ll be happy to give you more information about our entire inventory of equipment. We look forward to seeing you!

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