Six Advantages of Table and Chair Rentals in New Jersey for Baby Showers

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Hosting any type of special event takes a lot of planning. You have to send out the invitations, create a food menu, choose party games, find a venue and ensure you have all the essential party supplies and items you need. If you need to rent party essentials, you need to decide what you want and reserve all rentals early. Tables and chairs are the most popular party rental items for large events. When you rent, you won’t need to borrow folding tables and chairs from your family, friends, neighbors and guests!

A party rental company has what you need, all in one place—options and convenience! Here are six advantages of investing in table and chair rentals in New Jersey for baby showers:

  • Save money: If you throw parties often, then it makes sense to buy tables and chairs. For those who only need tables and chairs for a one-time event, like an upcoming baby shower, renting is more beneficial. Renting offers huge cost savings, especially when you need seating for medium-sized to large groups. And do you really have room at home to store dozens of tables and chairs? Renting also saves you from expensive storage fees when the furniture is not in use. Go with a rental company and you only pay a one-time fee.
  • Plenty of seating: The final head count after the RSVP date is not the number of chairs you will need. It’s likely that you’ll get late replies and have people showing up who did not respond. Because your guest list is ever changing, consider adding extra pieces to your table and chair rental. You’ll be less likely to run out of seating, and all your guests will be able to sit comfortably.
  • Size options: Another great benefit of a table and chair rental is size options. Average-sized party furniture is meant for adult use. If children are invited to the baby shower celebration, you should provide proper seating for them as well. Find a party rental company that offers smaller tables and chairs for your pint-sized guests.
  • Less stress: Don’t let planning your best friend’s baby shower cause you grief and stress. Baby showers are about joy and celebration. As the host, you’re in charge of the planning stages and making sure everything goes as planned. To lessen the stress, and take one responsibility off your plate, let a party rental company deal with the tables and chairs.
  • Delivery, setup and pickup: It takes time and energy to drag out of storage and set up dozens of tables and chairs, not to mention having to pack them all away again after the party. The right party rental company will deliver, setup and pickup your party tables and chairs, so you won’t have to.
  • Zero maintenance: The table and chair rentals for the baby shower are cleaned, maintained and repaired by the party rental company, not by you. This is another fantastic reason to rent rather than buy!

Are you the designated baby shower planner? Call Above All Party Rentals for more information about table and chair rentals in New Jersey!

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