Tent Rentals Are Just What Halloween Parties in New Jersey Need!

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If you plan to host a Halloween party underneath a tent, the first thing you should do is get an approximate head count—not severed heads, but how many guests might show up. This will give you a better idea of what size tent you’ll need to reserve. On the other hand, you might only need a tent to cover a table of food and drinks or music equipment. Smaller tents are also great for dance areas and semi-haunted houses. Tents are often used for protection or privacy, but use them creatively and you’re bound to throw one of the most memorable Halloween parties in New Jersey this year!

You’ve got the party date, guest list, food, beverages and your costume. Now, it’s time to make plans for the tents! Here are five ideas to help you get Halloween party tent rentals ready for a spooktacular time:

  • Consider who’s coming: Before decorating tents for Halloween, carefully consider your guest list. If your party is adults only, then you can go all out on the level of horror. However, you might want to tone down the level of scary for a more family-friendly Halloween party, especially if small children are invited.
  • Frame the entrance: The first thing partygoers will see is the entrance to your party, be it the front door of your home or an event venue. To ensure a spooky entrance to your Halloween party, take your rented tent and frame the entrance with it. Inside the tent you can hang festive decorations—such as skeletons, fake spiderwebs, pumpkins and textured pieces of fabric—that your guests will have to walk through. Use glow sticks to light the path, and play spooky sound effects through a speaker.
  • Hang ghosts from the ceiling: Ghosts are a must for Halloween—crafted ghosts, that is! Take fabric or paper and cut out ghosts in various shapes and sizes. Hang ghost cutouts along with strips of hanging white cloth on the ceiling of the tent. Every time someone walks under the tent, they’ll be greeted by creepiness running over their heads. This effect can work in tents of all sizes.
  • Create a photo booth area: What better way to document your Halloween bash than by renting a photo booth for guests to enjoy? Use a tent large enough to cover the booth, people and props, while still having enough room for Halloween decorations. Decorate by placing carved pumpkins on either side of the photo booth, hanging textured fabrics from the ceiling and placing battery operated candles all around the space. Like with the main entrance idea, you can play spooky music or sound effects in the background.
  • Set up a game tent: The main party might be inside, which leaves your backyard open for games. Rent a tent big enough for people to comfortably play fun Halloween themed games beneath. Each game table can be blocked off with walls of fake spiderwebs, which can be covered in spiders, eyeballs and bats, of course!

Tent rentals are perfect for Halloween parties in New Jersey! Contact Above All Party Rentals to book a tent today.

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