Consider Heated Tent Rental in New Jersey for Fall and Winter Events

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The fall and winter months offer up tons of holiday time and scheduled events, but what is the best way to celebrate when the weather is no longer warm? Hosting an event outside has its pros and cons. There’s more room outdoors, and plenty fresh air, but the weather is not always on your side. Take the months later in the year, for example. Temperatures have already dropped in many areas of the country, meaning it’s going to be cold! The good news is that heated tents allow you to have your outdoor event in a comfortable space.

In order for tents to stay heated, your tent rental needs to have enclosed walls. Otherwise, the warm air will escape. A heater is placed on the outside of the tent with ducts running under the walls and pumping in heat. The heater temperature is easy to adjust.

Here are some fall and wintertime events that can benefit from heated tent rental in New Jersey:

  • Getting married: October, November and December weddings are often beautiful. In New Jersey, fall brings lovely color changes and a calming feel to the air, while winter drops beautiful blankets of fresh white snow. Because the weather can be unpredictable, reserve heated tent rentals early. That way, the bride, groom and guests will stay dry, and the ceremony or reception will proceed uninterrupted by weather.
  • College graduation: If you have a fall semester college graduate to celebrate and you want them to feel special, take the party outside. Even if it ends up not being all that cold, some people will be chilly—especially family and friends who are older or very young. Planning to host a graduation party in the evening this fall? Definitely reserve a heated tent.
  • Halloween party: There’s a good chance that if you’re throwing a Halloween party, it will go into the deep hours of the night. Days and nights are already cold in October, but it’s even colder for partygoers wearing certain types of costumes. It could be worth it to set up a heated party tent out back for people to mingle inside as the night wears on.
  • Christmas bashes and events: It’s cold in December! Whether you want to host a Christmas party outside or are throwing a holiday fundraiser, a heated tent is the way to go. Christmas lights can add more warmth, in addition to serving as festive decor. A heated space ensures your guests are comfortable and will stick around for the duration of the event.
  • New Year’s Eve: If you’re planning to host a huge party to ring in 2019, you might need additional space for guests. Why not rent a heated party tent? An enclosed, warm party tent is a unique way to celebrate with friends and family this New Year’s Eve. Make sure folks will be warm and comfy enough so they’re not having to wear bulky jackets all evening.

Interested in heated tent rental in New Jersey for a fall or winter event? Contact Above All Party Rentals anytime for more information!

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