Four Advantages of Choosing Holiday Party Tent Rental in New Jersey

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The year’s biggest and most popular U.S. holidays are coming up: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you’re planning an outdoor party, social event or dinner, you must be ready for nature’s mood changes. You wouldn’t want to be stuck having to cancel your holiday party or be forced to find a new location (probably indoors) at the last minute. The good news is that party tent rentals can help you get ahead of the elements. Sure, tent rentals cost money, but if it can save your event—and the holidays—why not?

Below are the top four advantages of investing in holiday party tent rental in New Jersey for your next big outdoor event.

Less stress

Hosting a party or event is already stressful as it is. You’re typically in charge of all the planning, from the catering and stocking the bar to the invitation list and the itinerary, which takes a lot out of a person. Something else that can be stressful is not knowing what the weather is going to be like on the day of your event. This is especially nerve-racking during the later fall and winter months in New Jersey. Choosing to book holiday party tent rentals in advance means your event space and your guests will stay dry and comfortable.

A lot of privacy

Having a picnic in the park to celebrate a birthday is different from hosting a nice dinner party for the holidays. A park is an open space where anybody passing by can see you, but you might not want this atmosphere for your holiday party. The problem with big outdoor spaces is that you have little privacy from strangers, which is where party tents come in. Large tents with walls offer your guests plenty of privacy and the feeling of safety and security.

Comfort all around

In addition to your guests feeling safe and secure from strangers during your holiday party, being under or inside a tent can protect everyone physically. A tent offers protection from the elements, like rain, snow, wind and hail, which can ruin a party in a matter or minutes. If the weather is cold enough, consider renting a heated tent to keep your guests comfortable the entire time.

Sets the mood

No holiday party is complete without holiday decorations. These items contribute to setting the mood and provide ambience. However, decorating an outdoor space is challenging when there are no surfaces on which to place decor. Luckily for you, holiday party tent rentals come with walls, ceilings and sometimes dance floors. When you plan right, you can fully decorate your party space in festive fall colors for Thanksgiving, twinkling lights and ornaments for Christmas or sparkling colors and streamers for the countdown on New Year’s Eve. Also, music is a true mood setter—a walled-in party tent can contain the tunes for your guests to enjoy all night long.

If you are ready to book a holiday party tent rental in New Jersey or need more information about the best size and style of tent for your event, contact Above All Party Rentals. We also carry a wide range of other party rental supplies!

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