Five Essential Rentals for Your Thanksgiving Party

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Thanksgiving season has different meanings for different people. While you may treat it as a time to give thanks for family and friends, others focus mostly on the food aspect. No matter why you celebrate Thanksgiving, you should keep in mind how you plan to celebrate. This year, you might have an outdoor dinner party in mind, but are you prepared to take on the cooler fall weather? Plan for the best Thanksgiving party ever and reserve your party supplies and heated tent rental in New Jersey today!

Here are five essential party rentals to consider for your upcoming Thanksgiving party:

  • Tables and chairs: When you think about how you want your Thanksgiving dinner to go, do you picture your guests standing around holding their plates, sitting with plates on their laps or sitting down comfortably around a big table? Tables and chairs, plus extras, are a Thanksgiving must. Don’t set up too many, though—otherwise there will be no room for people to move around the room. Choose between round or banquet tables or a combination of the two to fit your dinner party needs.
  • Party tents: If you are planning to host an outdoor Thanksgiving event or dinner party this year, make sure you take a look at your tent rental options. Late fall will bring cooler temperatures, so keep that in mind when reserving your tent. Choose walled tents to ensure optimal comfort for the duration of your event.
  • Heating: You might seriously consider a heating device in addition to your tent rental. A heated tent rental in New Jersey from a reputable party rental company is made to warm the inside of tents, while the heating element remains safely on the outside of the tent. A professional also sets everything up and breaks everything down for you!
  • Catering equipment: Thanksgiving dinner is said to be the biggest meal of the year for most Americans. It doesn’t matter how many people are at your dinner—it will likely be the most food you see on tables, counters and serving trays all year. For this reason, a buffet style for a Thanksgiving dinner party with many guests is the easiest way to serve everyone. Get all your catering equipment from a party rental company and you’ll have food warmers, dishes, utensils, drinking glasses and more at your disposal.
  • Linens: When selecting your linen and napkin rentals, choose festive and decorative pieces to match the holiday. Make it look good! After all, decorating is a big part of hosting a dinner party. Pick out linens in fall colors and designs to set the perfect Thanksgiving table. Set up your tables, chairs and decorations the night before so you can focus on the food on the day of your party.

Thanksgiving event rentals make planning your party so much easier. For more information about the most essential party supplies, or to reserve a heated tent rental in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Above All Party Rentals. Call us before the holiday rush to guarantee your reservations!

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