Tent Washing in New Jersey Keeps All Our Tents Beautiful for Your Next Event

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If you’re going to an event held outside, there’s a good chance the host has rented a large pole or frame tent to provide guests with a place to get some shade, seek shelter from the elements and just relax. These tents are subjected to all kinds of wear and tear—from rain to leaves and dirt and other debris, party tents definitely get dirty over time.

Of course, we want each customer to be provided with a beautiful, sparkling-clean tent to use at their next event. This means that we need to clean our tents meticulously after each use to ensure they retain their quality and look their best.

If you’ve ever wondered how we keep our tents in such pristine condition, it all comes down to the proper washing, drying and maintenance techniques. At Above All Party Rentals, we don’t just offer a wide selection of party tents for rent. We also have a commercial tent washing machine in New Jersey, designed specifically to wash all of our tents to perfection.

The importance of washing party tents

One of the most obvious things that can happen if we fail to wash our tents is that the clean, white vinyl of the tents will start to look dirty and may potentially even stain if the dirt is left over time. If the tents get stained with dirt, they won’t be able to live up to our high-quality standards.

Additionally, letting dirt accumulate on tents can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which not only looks unsightly, but can also create a nasty odor and lead to problems for guests with asthma or allergies.

Finally, not taking care of our tents can decrease their lifespans. Like most material objects, tents need to be maintained over time to make them last as long as possible.

Essentially, regular tent washing in New Jersey benefits the customer by providing them with a sturdy, clean, pristine-looking and great-smelling tent to use for their big event.

It doesn’t stop at washing

Our tent washing process doesn’t only consist of tossing our tents into a machine. We have a rigorous cleaning regimen that includes other steps to ensure our tents stay in the best shape possible.

We select our washing detergents carefully, opting for cleansers that won’t degrade the tent material while whisking away dirt and grime. Before washing, we carefully examine each of our tents to check for rips, tears and spots of wear. We try to repair this damage before washing so the damage doesn’t get worse in the machine.

After tent washing in New Jersey, we make sure our tents are completely dry before packaging them up for the next customer to use. Storing a wet tent can form mold and lead to cracks and wear spots in the fabric.

When you choose Above All Party Rentals for your party equipment needs, you know you’ll receive excellent-quality products every time. Between tents, tables, linens, catering equipment, dunk tanks, games and more, we’ve got your party needs covered. Call us today to learn more and receive an estimate!

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