Don’t Forget to Consider Party Accessories When Planning Your Next Event!

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When planning a party or event, your attention is probably going to be on the big things: invitations, food, location and theme. These things can take up a lot of your time—so much time, in fact, that you might completely forget to plan for the other important parts of your event!

Many times, party hosts will accidentally gloss over the small details that make the event truly great. If you’re worried about your menu and caterer, but forget to order enough dishware for everyone, you could find yourself in a sticky situation.

From table linens to glasses to chairs to napkins in New Jersey, you want to be sure you’re checking party accessories off your to-do list along with all the big items.


You’ve ordered the tables and you’re creating centerpieces and decorations, but what will cover the tables and make them look nice?

If you have a theme or color scheme picked out, selecting table linens in New Jersey is relatively easy. Make sure to check the size of the tables you’re using to identify the right kinds of tablecloths to rent, and know how many you’ll need. If you’re renting the tables, your rental company will most likely offer linens for rent, as well. Ask what kinds of colors and fabrics they offer to widen your choices.

Additionally, consider asking about cloth napkins when handling the linens. It’s easiest to rent them from the same company in order to cut down on keeping track of where individual items go after the party is over.


If you’re hiring a catering company to provide food at your event, you should always double check if the company provides dishes in New Jersey, as well. Often, they won’t, meaning you’ll be responsible for the dishware for all your guests.

A good rule of thumb is to get a salad, dinner and cake plate for each person, plus about 10 extra sets in case something happens or extra people show up. You’ll also need drinking glasses in New Jersey (and a lot of them!) and champagne flutes, if the occasion warrants it.


You also don’t want to forget about a critical component of your seating arrangement: chairs. You may think this one is obvious and shouldn’t be forgotten, but a surprising number of people forget to update their vendors on the final head count for the event, leaving them with either way too many or too few chairs in New Jersey for people to sit in.

Additionally, if you’re renting seat cushions, covers or decorations for the chairs, make sure to verify those numbers when you finalize your chair totals.

Choose a comprehensive party rental company

Planning a party isn’t always easy, and there are tons of small accessory pieces that are easy to miss. This is why it’s easiest to work with a rental company that offers a comprehensive list of party rental materials, so you can choose everything you need and have it delivered from one single place. And, as experts in the business, your party rental team can offer you advice on how many sets of dishes, linens and chairs to rent if you are feeling a little lost.

When you need party accessories like table linens, napkins, plates, glasses, chairs, or champagne fountains in New Jersey, choose Above All Party Rentals. Our robust selection of party equipment rentals will make your party planning easier and wow your guests. Call today for a free estimate!

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