Tent Maintenance Includes Regular Washing!

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If you run a party tent rental company, an event planning business or own a tent for personal use, then you know just how expensive tents are. Party tents are made for durability. They are put together using high-quality, costly materials that require regular care and maintenance to ensure they last through years of setup, breakdown and storage.

Keeping tents in good condition is not difficult when you know how to take care of them and who to call for professional tent cleaning. Above All Party Rentals is pleased to provide tent washing service in New Jersey for our clients who own tents of their own. Below are six tent maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • Clean your tent before storing it: To keep your tent in good condition between uses, make sure to clean it thoroughly before packing it away into storage. Our pros highly recommend cleaning tents regardless of how long or short your event ran, as this can prevent deterioration of materials. Check that it is free of stains, dirt and grime, and deal with any mold growth immediately.
  • Use mild detergents: If you decide to clean your tent yourself, be sure to only use a mild or neutral detergent. Strong detergents containing harsh chemicals like bleach can melt away the vinyl and weaken plastic tent components.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools: Whether you see stains on the tent’s material or just want to deep clean the vinyl, refrain from taking abrasive cleaning tools to it. Bristly brushes and rough scouring pads, plus vigorous scrubbing, might get rid of set-in stains, but this can compromise the integrity of the vinyl. This type of surface damage will worsen over time. Instead, use a giant soft sponge like you’d use to wash your car, and buy special gentle cleaners made specifically for difficult stains.
  • Hire a pro tent cleaner: Washing an event tent is not as simple as spraying it down with a garden hose. Using tools and cleaners not suitable for the task to clean a tent the wrong way can do more harm than good. It’s for this reason you should consider hiring a professional to clean your tent.
  • Let it dry completely: Never put away a tent that is still wet—whether it’s just been cleaned or was exposed to rain. Because water is a natural solvent, trapping water inside the folds of a tent will lead to deterioration of the fabric, poles and other components. Another problem with storing tents while still wet is the heightened risk mold and mildew growth.
  • Repair damage quickly: No matter how small the damage to your tent may be, the best thing you can do is repair it quickly. Pay close attention to the areas of the tent that are subject to a lot of stretching and pulling, and keep liquid vinyl on hand.

Above All Party Rentals is the place to go for professional tent washing service in New Jersey. We’re equipped to wash tents of all sizes, no matter the material, for local area customers who need their own tents washed. Call us today for a service estimate!

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