Planning a Special Event? Take Advantage of Table and Chair Rentals in New Jersey

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To buy party furniture, or to rent party furniture? That’s a great question. If you are planning a special event and considering booking party rentals, then the following information is for you! Below are the top reasons why table and chair rentals in New Jersey is the ideal way to go.

Cost savings

Hosting a big event can be expensive. Everything from printing out nice party invitations to ordering the food adds up. And if you’re planning a sit-down dinner, you will need to buy enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guests… or will you?

Shop around and you’ll see that even buying the cheapest chairs and tables for a large group can cost a lot of money. Maybe you host often and will want to own these items for future use, but where will you store it all? Storage and transportation fees will add up, even when the furniture is not in use. With table and chair rentals, you only have to pay a one-time fee for your one-time event. That’s a fraction of the purchase price.

Flexible seating

If your special event or party is for a large group—let’s say, a wedding or corporate conference—chances are your guest list will fluctuate. For instance, wedding guests may RSVP late, or you may not be sure how many businessmen and women will be in attendance until the last minute. While this lack of certainty is irritating to some party planners and hosts, all you can really do is plan for everyone invited to join. When you choose to hire a company for table and chair rentals, you can rent more for less than the cost of buying to ensure you don’t run short on seating. Everyone will have a chair to sit in and relax comfortably.

Style and size options

For the majority of special events, there’s bound to be a theme or mood. It’s important that the tables, chairs and other party items match the intended atmosphere of your party. When it comes to seating and tabletop dining, you can rest assured that Above All Party Rentals has you covered. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit your event perfectly. Feel free to ask us for help based on your specific event, theme and decorations.

Delivery and setup, with zero maintenance

Whether you’re the one being honored or a party planner who needs to focus your energy elsewhere, the big day should not cause stress. Opt to rent tables and chairs, hire a company that offers delivery and pickup, and there will be no worry about transporting the furniture to your location or setting it all up. In addition to delivery and set up, furniture rentals require zero maintenance on your part. Just rent them, and the company will ensure they stay in good condition and are cleaned and repaired as needed.

For a wide range of party rental options, visit Above All Party Rentals. We offer everything your party needs, from tents to bounce houses to table and chair rentals in New Jersey and more. Call us today for a full list of quality party rentals!

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