Six Reasons to Reserve a Bounce House Rental in New Jersey for Your Next Summer Party!

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Want your birthday party, graduation celebration or family reunion to be memorable? Rent a bounce house! Below are six reasons why you need to reserve a bounce house rental in New Jersey for your next summer event:

  • Entertainment for all ages: Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for a child or an adult, bounce houses offer great fun and entertainment for all ages. These inflatables can provide your guests with hours of unique entertainment—no need to worry about the party being boring! Simply pick a spot on the lawn or driveway, ideally somewhere safe from dangers like street traffic, and let everyone bounce away! Better yet, there are many different bounce houses to choose from, including the basic castle, obstacle courses and even options with slides and climbing walls.
  • Easy to set up: Many party rental companies offer delivery and setup of their bounce houses. If they do, great! Just mark where you want it set up and you’ll be good to go. With the setup taken care of, you have more last-minute cleaning time, and time to prepare the food, decorate and plan games and activities for your guests. Also, when the bounce house is up and ready to go ahead of time, children can immediately begin playing as they arrive.
  • Kids can make friends: Not everyone at your party may know each other. This goes for children and adults alike. A bounce house is the perfect tool to teach kids how to share happiness, invite others to play and make new friends. After all, a bounce house is rarely fun without friends to bounce and fall alongside you.
  • Good outdoor exercise: A beautiful summer day is the perfect excuse to be outside. Good thing inflatable bounce houses exist! It’s a fun way to give partygoers something fun and active to do outdoors while waiting for food to be ready or dessert to come out. And don’t tell your kids, but bouncing is a healthy form of exercise. That bounce house right there is a way to sneak in some summertime exercise, which is especially great considering many kids tend to stay inside watching TV or playing video games during their summer vacation.
  • Parents can watch and relax: Inflatables are entertaining, but you can also think of your bounce house rental as a pop-up childcare center. As long as an adult has an eye on things at all times, parents can sit back and relax as their kids bounce away the afternoon. They could be bouncing for hours, giving parents a chance to enjoy the party, too.
  • Fun styles and themes: Back in the day, your bounce house options were basically limited to just the traditional smaller inflatable type. Today, they are available in many styles and themes. Popular themes include princess parties, sports themes and obstacle courses. You might even want to look into renting an inflatable waterslide to keep guests cool in the summer heat.

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