How Dunk Tank Rentals in New Jersey Can Make Your Fundraiser a Success!

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Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a worthy cause, and you get to choose what kinds of features or activities the event will include. For example, dunk tank rentals in New Jersey are quite popular to have at fundraising events and seasonal festivals. A game like this can bring your community together, if even for just one day. However, a rental is a rental, and someone has to pay the fee for everyone to use it, which leads us to a good question: what can you do to make sure you make enough money to recoup the cost of the dunk tank rental and still generate money for a good cause?

Ultimately, plan well and your event will be a hit! Here are some tips for making sure your dunk tank fundraiser ends up being a success.

Recruit notable people

When reaching out for dunk tank volunteers, try your best to get a variety of well-known people willing to participate. It’s fantastic if you know a celebrity, but it’s also great fun to recruit people who are just well-known in the local community. It’s supposed to be funny watching people get dunked—now imagine having the opportunity to dunk someone who has respect from the community. Reach out to leaders in your community and see if they would take the time to sit in a dunk tank for a good cause.

Ask volunteers to dress fun

Sure, dunk tank volunteers can wear a swimsuit, but eye-catching clothing is liable to attract more dunkers. Ask the people who are going to sit in the dunk seat to wear fun or fancy clothing—like ruffled prom dresses, tuxedos, clown suits and Halloween costumes—or dress up like a well-known celebrity. Fun clothing can be purchased inexpensively at thrift stores.

Don’t make dunking too difficult

Most everybody likes to win, and drenching someone in a dunk tank is no exception. Before the fundraiser starts, check that the game offers the right level of difficulty. It shouldn’t be so hard that ticket buyers find it impossible to win, yet not so easy that volunteers get dunked at every play. Tape off separate distance lines for adults and kids. The kids’ line should be closer to the target, because they cannot throw the ball as far. This ensures the game will remain fun and exciting, while creating suspense with each throw of the ball.

Hand out consolation prizes

No matter what, the way to keep the dunk tank fun for the people playing is to offer consolation prizes for those who play without actually dunking anyone. Small prizes like candy and toys will keep people coming back and entice them to spread the word.

You don’t have to look far for quality dunk tank rentals in New Jersey. Tanks at Above All Party Rentals can hold up to 500 gallons of water and come with a full-frame target segment. One of our dunk tanks is just what you need to thoroughly drench beloved family members, friends and community leaders—for a good cause, of course!

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