How to Find a Professional Tent Washing Service in New Jersey

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For as strong and durable as event tents are, they still need to be cleaned from time to time. Clean a tent the wrong way, though, and you might end up causing damage and having to toss it. Your best bet is to leave tent washing to experts with experience in the tent cleaning business. When you go this route, you can rest assured they can identify the tent material and treat it properly. Every inch of your tent gets thoroughly washed to remove debris, stains and even the most unsightly set-in dust and dirt. Your event tent will look like new again in no time!

If you don’t have a go-to tent cleaner, read on. Below are some tips to help you find a professional tent washing service in New Jersey:

  • Get recommendations: Many people own or rent tents for personal or business use, so chances are you know someone who’s utilized a tent washing service in the past. If you do know people, ask for recommendations. Also find out what they liked about the business, their price range and how they’d rate their customer service skills. Some people you talk to might even have photos of their clean tents to share.
  • Look online: It only takes a few minutes to perform a keyword search of nearby event tent washing services. While online, scan through customer reviews and ratings. You can even jump into online forums where people are already discussing a company or this type of service.
  • Post your needs on social media: Good old social media! Facebook now has a “Looking for Recommendations” post option so you can shout out your need for a particular product or service to your friends. Alternatively, write your own message to share across all your social media pages.
  • Check a company’s services on their website: Although a business may specialize in event tent rentals, that does not mean they also offer cleaning services for those who own tents. Scroll through websites’ service pages or reach out by way of email, contact form or phone with your questions.
  • Ask how they clean tents: Anyone can spread a tent out on the grass and hose it off, but not all types of tents can be effectively cleaned in this manner. In fact, sometimes hosing a tent down causes more harm than good. Once you’ve read through a company’s website and find that they offer tent washing, be sure to find out exactly how they clean commercial-grade event tents. Do they hand wash, or use a special washing machine? What type of detergents do they use?
  • Hire a local company: You don’t have to hire a local tent washing company, but doing so does come with its benefits. First, the closer the business is to your location, the sooner you’ll get your tent back after a thorough cleaning. Another benefit is that you’ll be supporting a local business, and therefore, the community as a whole.

If your tent is due for a deep cleaning, bring it to a trustworthy tent washing service in New Jersey. Reach out to Above All Party Rentals today for an estimate!

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