Do You Need to Rent Chairs or Tables for Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is almost here. If you’re the host, you’d better have a place for everyone to sit down and enjoy their turkey dinner! Being short on table space or running out of chairs for guests can quickly ruin any holiday get-together. Keep reading to learn a few of the signs that you should call us for table and chair rental in New Jersey.

You don’t have enough seating

Everyone needs a full plate and a place to sit this Thanksgiving. While we can’t help with the cooking, we can ensure everyone has a chair! Whether you need a few extra chairs for the kids or enough for a full table setting, we’ve got your back. All of our chairs are both comfortable and stylish, so they’re sure to be a great fit in your home.

You’re short on table space

Having a kids’ table and an adults’ table might not cut it for your crowd this Thanksgiving! Instead of making people stand or eat their dinner at the breakfast bar, rent a few extra tables. We have a wide range of different sizes to choose from, but be sure to call sooner rather than later to ensure you get one for your feast.

You don’t want to buy new tables or chairs

Stopping by a furniture store and buying more chairs and tables is one way to solve the problems mentioned above, but buying new furniture for one day seems like a waste of money to us. Instead, rent those tables and chairs for the period during which you need them. After your event, we’ll come by your house and pick everything up.

You have a long guest list

Getting everyone together for Thanksgiving and the holidays can be a bit tricky, especially if you have a large family. If you have a big group coming over, be prepared by renting some extra tables and chairs to accommodate the whole crew!

What else can Above All Party Rentals help with this season?

One of the best parts about our company is that we provide much more than just table and chair rental in New Jersey! Here’s everything else we can offer this holiday season:

  • Tents: Running out of room at the dinner table might not be your only concern this Thanksgiving. You might also not have enough space in your home to accommodate everyone! Solve that issue by renting a heated tent to host your whole crew outside.
  • Linens: There are bound to be some messy eaters at your house for Thanksgiving. Ensure your tables (and your guests’ clothes) are protected by renting tablecloths and napkins for everyone.
  • Coolers: Your guests will obviously want a refreshing beverage to pair with their meal. Ensure that everyone has easy access to a cold drink by renting some coolers for your feast.

Whether you’re in need of table and chair rental in New Jersey for your Thanksgiving meal or a tent to host your next event, be sure to get it from Above All Party Rentals. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services and delighted when you check out our affordable pricing!

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