Five Must-Have Easter Party Rentals to Reserve Ahead of Time

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Spring is a wonderful time of year for outdoor parties. There’s the sun, the company, the food—all you need to do is make a party plan. If you are hosting a party outside this Easter, then you need to be prepared. Your guests will need shelter from the elements, areas to relax, access to restroom facilities and other amenities. Food will likely be served, perhaps even cooked right there on the spot, but everything has to be cooked and kept properly to prevent foodborne illnesses. You don’t want your party to be memorable for the wrong reason!

Be prepared, have fun and enjoy the spring weather with family and friends. Here’s a list of Easter party rentals in New Jersey to reserve sooner rather than later:

  • Tents: Taking in nature is beneficial for your health and mood. Whether the party is in your backyard or a park, the downside with outdoor events is the lack of protection from the elements. Luckily, you can rent party tents. These portable structures are the perfect retreat from the spring sun. Rent multiple tents—one for serving food, a couple for seating and a tent set up with Easter games and egg dyeing for the youngsters.
  • Tables and chairs: Table and chair rentals are essential for large parties. Chances are you’re serving a meal at your Easter party. While people like to stand and mingle, come time to eat they may prefer a place to sit and set down their plate.
  • Bounce house: Bounce houses are not just for the kids. Today, you can rent a bounce house that everyone can enjoy. This type of party rental is a wonderful addition to any outdoor Easter party. Hop like an Easter Bunny to entertain the kids, or organize bunny hop races to test the little ones’ balance and coordination. Call your local party rental company for a list of available styles and sizes. Reserve one today to beat the Easter rush!
  • Coolers: As the weather begins to warm up, you must take extra care with perishable foods at your Easter party. Enter giant portable coolers. Coolers can do more than keep drinks cold and keep ice solid. They can also function as small refrigeration units for raw foods prepped to go on the grill, as well as cooked foods waiting to be served. No one wants spoiled ham. As for real Easter eggs decorated in festive colors and designs, these too need to be chilled. Store hardboiled Easter eggs in cold coolers until it’s time to hide them around the yard.
  • Grills: If you want to have an Easter cookout, but don’t own a grill, you can rent one. Reserve one big enough to cook a ton of party food all at once. Know if you need burners ahead of time. Cooking an Easter ham or whole bird? Find a party rental company that rents smokers or outdoor ovens.

Send out the invitations and get planning! For a huge selection of Easter party rentals in New Jersey, call or visit Above All Party Rentals today.

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