It’s Party Time! Tips to Help You Arrange Your Table and Chair Rentals

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Tables and chairs are some of the most important pieces of a good party, and yet they are somehow the most taken for granted. People are always worried about having enough food and wine that they tend to forget that their guests need a place to comfortably enjoy it all. But if you’re reading this, you probably get the importance of table and chair rentals in New Jersey. Luckily for you, we have a few tips to help you decide how many tables and chairs to get and how to arrange them for maximum effect.

Don’t overdo it

One of the most important things you need to consider when renting tables and chairs is where they are all going to go. It’s really important to consider the size of your event location. Take some measurements and do a rough sketch to see how many tables can be accommodated. For long, slender spaces, don’t go with round tables, as this will close things off and make bad use of the floor space. Consider longer, skinnier tables arranged along the perimeter of the room.

Go with the flow

Parties are for socializing, so there is no sense in blocking people off from that activity. Too many tables and chairs (or poorly arranged tables and chairs) will be an impediment to your guests. Consider how they will want to move through your event space in advance. Drawing a map of the space can help you decide not only how many chairs and tables to rent, but also how your guests might navigate a particular layout. Too much weaving through narrow areas will have them spilling drinks and food all over the place, so plan accordingly.

For huge event spaces, consider setting the bar and dance floor toward the front or back of the room, the food along a side without exits and the tables loosely clustered in the center. Remember to leave and easy escape route for the restrooms and emergencies.

No time for a cram session

A common mistake among rookie party planners is to try to save a few bucks by putting too many people at each table. While you might be thinking a little extra cash in your pocket is worth the temporary discomfort of your guests, we can assure you it isn’t. People don’t have much patience for discomfort, and that would be a very quick way to ruin an otherwise pleasant event.

Consider setting three table arrangements out and having your friends go through some of the dinnertime motions. If they are bumping elbows and knocking things over, move the place settings further apart and measure that distance. You’ll be able to estimate how many guests can comfortably sit at each table.

Presentation and setup have a lot to do with event success. For a huge selection of quality party products and table and chair rentals in New Jersey, contact Above All Party Rentals. We have everything you need for your next big event, and would love to help you out!

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