Key Things to Check Before Reserving a Bounce House Rental

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All sorts of celebrations call for a bounce house. For kids, these might include birthday parties, school graduations or holiday events. A bounce house is affordable entertainment, and since you don’t own it, there’s no maintenance or storage needs on your part. Just call, reserve, have it delivered and set up and watch the kids bounce away! Here’s a list of key things to check before reserving a children’s bounce house rental in New Jersey.

Insurance coverage

A company employee will drop off, set up and break down the bounce house for you. Since they will be on your property, make sure the rental business has the proper insurance for the type of company and its staff. When asked, they should be able to show you a certificate of liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Never reserve rental products through a company that doesn’t have insurance, because you can be held liable should an uninsured worker or subcontractor sustain an injury while on your property.

Safety rules

Bounce house safety is very important. These giant inflatables, while their function appears straightforward, need an adult attendant at all times. This individual can be you or another adult present—you might even be able to hire an attendant through the rental company. Both children and adults utilizing the bounce house must read or listen to and adhere to the safety rules posted on the front of the bounce house. In addition to the posted rules, be sure it is installed correctly and be aware of the wind speed to avoid it blowing away and causing injury.

Bounce house size

When making a bounce house reservation for a child’s party, let the rental company know how many children will be attending and their age range. The rental company can then suggest the most appropriate size unit for the group and your budget—too small and children won’t be able to bounce freely, too big and you may just waste money.

Setup area

The amount of space you will need for the bounce house depends on the style, size and type of unit. For example, large bounce houses, combo units and units with water slides require a lot of space. Taller units need more head space away from trees and power lines. Keep in mind that the bounce house will need to be close enough to reach an electrical outlet. Also, most companies prefer to set up on grass, but will set up on paved surfaces with the help of sandbags. Gravel or any kind of rough ground is not safe for inflatable products.

Condition and cleanliness of the rental

Don’t sign anything until you inspect the product. Check the bounce house when it’s delivered. Look for damage and check its overall condition. It should also be clean, which the rental company should take care of before renting you the unit as well as after it’s returned.

Bounce houses are fun for all ages. Call Above All Party Rentals today for more information before selecting and reserving a bounce house rental in New Jersey!

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