Event Industry Trends for 2022

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There has been a definite decline in the event industry in the last few years, but that’s about to change. With more and more people getting out there and getting back in the swing of things, events are back on. There are some great event trends of 2022 that everyone needs to be aware of to be prepared for the upcoming event season.

What Are the Upcoming Event Trends of This Year?

The first trend that we are seeing is the return to in-person events. After the past two years and the pandemic that has greatly affected and stalled many events, more and more people and companies are returning to hosting in-person events. This does come with some level of trepidation, as many people are still a bit worried about in-person events, but they are certainly on the rise again.

Another trend that many people notice is that with the large number of people that have quit their jobs and left their typical 9 to 5, there is less call for meetings and in-person events that have to do with work. Event spaces are less likely to be rented out for meetings and work events, and more people are focusing on having fun and fulfilling events.

If you have gone to any event lately, you may have noticed that more and more events are focusing on safety for the patrons. New health and safety measures have been put in place to help make sure that everyone in attendance is going to be safe while they attend the event.

You may also notice that more events are using virtual reality at events than ever before. Things like augmented reality experiences, virtual reality headsets and demonstrations, and more are now more popular than ever. This has to do with hybrid events as well, where there are both in-person and virtual elements that come together to create a unique experience.

Are These Trends Here To Stay?

These trends may be partly due to the pandemic and the fact that we as a people have to adapt and adjust to what we have been dealing with. Many of these trends can translate to so many other events and are useful, even when we are not dealing with a pandemic. It is easy to forget that we had to do so much to get back to normal.

Many people take for granted that we are trying to get back to what we consider normal, and these trends are a great way to get back to that prior way of life. Though the trends may change, they are currently a great option that makes it possible for us to come together and start having events that we all love and want to be a part of again.

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