Right Size and Type of Heated Tent for Your Event

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Heated outdoor event tents are a great way to create a comfortable outdoor venue on any property. It is important to know what size heated tent rental you will need for your event. This quick guide will provide you information on choosing a tent size.

Keep reading to learn more about factors you should consider when planning tent rental.

Venue Size

The venue size or the property size will play a part in what size tent you need. The property or venue must be big enough to accommodate the size of the tent. In addition to this, you must also have enough room surrounding the tent to allow for tent staking. You should also consider how much space the guests will need to move in and out of the tent as well.

When you are checking out venues or properties, be sure to keep these details in mind.

Bathroom Facilities

If you will be using portal potties, you will also need to consider where these facilities will be placed in relation to the tent on the property or at the venue. You want portal potties placed far enough away from the tent to be discreet and yet close enough so guests need not walk too far.

Number of Guests

The size of the tent will ultimately depend on the number of guests you plan to have. You want everyone to be comfortable. If you feel unsure about the exact number of guests, you should always plan for a larger size tent just to be safe. Most tent rental companies will provide a variety of tent sizes for you to choose from.


You should also keep in mind the predicted weather for the time of year your event is planned for. Is it an extremely windy time of year or rainy?

Even if you are planning an outdoor event during colder months, you can opt for a heated rental tent. This makes it possible to accommodate your guests comfortably outdoors even when it is chilly.

Aesthetic or Vision

You should also consider the vision or aesthetic you have in mind. If you are hoping to bring in a lot of large decorations or if you want tables to be spread out, you should consider renting a larger tent rather than a smaller one.


If food is being served at your event, you will also want to consider where food will be set up and how much space you need for this. How food lines form and the traffic flow is also important factors.

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