How to Choose the Perfect Bounce House for Your Party

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Bounce houses are always a win at children’s parties and outdoor activities. If you are planning to rent an outdoor bounce house, it is important to choose the right size rental for your event. Not only will this make the event a lot more fun, but getting the right size rental is also a safety concern as well.

This quick guide will help you better understand how to plan the best bounce house rental.

Number of Guests

The first factor you should consider when renting a bounce house will be the number of children who will be attending the event. It is important that you have an estimated number of guests beforehand.

If you rent a bounce house that is very small, you will be dealing with long wait lines as children wait for their turn. Each bounce house will have a guest limit of how many children can enter the bounce house at a time.

You will want to avoid long wait lines if possible. A good solution to this problem is to rent a larger bounce house. This way you can keep the traffic flowing in a timely manner outside the bounce house. A party equipment rental company can help you understand how many and what size bounce house you need for your number of guests.

Age of Guests

Another consideration should be the age of the guests that will be in attendance. Different styles of bounce houses are designed for different age groups. If you have a bounce house that is not easily navigated by smaller children, they will become frustrated and may even get injured trying to navigate the larger house.

The opposite is true for a bounce house that is primarily intended for younger children. If you have mostly older children in attendance, they will quickly become bored with the smaller option intended for a younger group.

Available Space for the Bounce House

You will definitely need to evaluate how much space you have available to set up the structures. To operate the bounce house safely, it should be set up in an open area that allows for proper anchoring and ventilation as an air pump will be used to keep the bounce house inflated.

When considering the space needed for the bounce house, you will also need to think about the clearance space for the house. There should not be structures or branches too close to the top of the bounce house.

Ground Type

Don’t forget that the bounce house will need solid, level ground on which to set up. Placing a bounce house on uneven ground, a slope, or wet ground could pose a safety risk to everyone participating.

How Many Bounce Houses

Another consideration will be how many bounce houses should be rented. If you are expecting a large crowd, it is best to rent more than one bounce house. This way you can keep the crowd moving nicely through the bounce houses in a timely way or offer different experiences for your party guests.

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