How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Tent For Your Big Day

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Frame Tent 

Frame tents are one of the most popular choices for a wedding, as they can be set up on almost any surface. They don’t require any center poles, so they can accommodate a lot of different table and seating arrangements. These structures can also be decorated with a variety of things, such as flowers, lights, drapery, and more. They’re also a great choice if you want to get creative and mix and match them with other types of tents. 

Clear Tent 

Many couples choose to have an outdoor wedding because they love the idea of committing to each other in the fresh air. But, there’s no way to predict how the weather will be on your big day – and that can create some last-minute stress. The perfect solution is to hire a clear tent that allows you to enjoy the scenery without interruption and protects your guests from the rain and wind. Plus, these tents come with a range of lighting and power accessories to make sure your guests aren’t left in the dark. 

Hanging Canopy 

A wedding tent isn’t just a shelter from the weather; it can be the stunning backdrop to your big day. Make it your own by decking out your tent with floral decor, lighting installations and colorful drapery to create a unique and dramatic experience for your guests. Hanging lanterns, crystal chandeliers and votive candles add a touch of magic to any tent. Consider using green garlands or ropes of leaves to bring a natural look to your tent. Another option is to use ribbons for a dimensional effect that’s fun and inexpensive. Simply drape a length of ribbon in the center of your tent peak, then let the ends hang from either side. 

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